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Greenways are the best way to redevelop the un-used urban nallahs that have become place of garbage dumping,mosquito breeding,sewage dumping....

This is the one the reason for roads loaded with water during rainy season--THE improper water drainage in cities during rainy days...as the manhole are choked up it does not allow the water to enter it..proper attention should be given by people living nearby to inform the municipal for cleaning the manhole and in case if during heavy rain municipal help does not arrive on time possible efforts should also be made by citizens THEMSELVES...

papiha thomas
papiha thomas @mahek, thats right, civic sense and public responsibility plays a vital role in environment betterment.
Hussein Ibrahim
Hussein Ibrahim It takes seconds from one person passing by the road to clean the manhole , It is the responsibility of the public...........
Stephanie Tam
Stephanie Tam I work with sewer workers in Ahmedabad, and solid waste in pipes are a routine problem. While what you've pointed out in your photos refers to storm water drainage issues, solid waste is not the only reason why both sewers and storm water pipes are choked up across India. There are illegal connections being made between the two systems as a "quick-fix" for choked pipes, which means that it's not simply rain water that's flooding the streets, but raw sewage.

I am not aware of who municipalities employ to clean out solid waste from storm water drains, as sewer workers are only called out to specific manholes where residents are complaining about sewage flow. It would be interesting to see exactly who is supposed to be responsible for cleaning these out!
Arindom Borah
Arindom Borah Stephanie,
This waste is not from inside the pipe or at the drainage point. The stormwater first causes a water logging in which it drags all these things out and takes them with it. I think I can see a PCC grate through whigh the water flows and the rubbish is left there.The responsible authority's duty is to provide a bin or two where people can place their waste. You can't expect any agency to clean rubbish from inside people's houses. I think these things will remain. People urinating against walls is a common sight in India. This isonly rubbish! And I'm not a govt employee - I am a freelance consultant (on the lookout for the right company to associate myself with),just iin case people think I have a government bias.
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