Acwifer is a research and consultancy firm providing solutions in the Environmental studies, Water Resources services, Mining domain. We assist individuals, societies, research organizations, global consortium and businesses in their needs regarding air, water, sound, earth and its relation to human population. 
We are a global company with partnerships and relations spanning across continents of Europe, Australia, USA, Canada and South America. We bring in the global experience and knowledge of how to make the best possible use of technological advancements in order to give a boost to our competency as a service provider. Further, we are a customer-centric organization that develops the strategy for properly execution of services as per the requirements of the customers. All undertaken projects are precisely completed according to the needs of customers and this has assisted us winning accolades all over the market. 

Water is day to day need for live stock. Since 2009 to 2015 govt. declared more than 1200 village are deserted the groundwater table condition and getting lowered and lowered day by day due to the vastly development and less seepage of surface water.Water level condition at major damn in Maharashtra is dropping in winter Between 40 to 50% water is available. Without having any awareness of the groundwater table condition drilling bore well. Damaging the groundwater condition, by adding waste product from industry, contaminate groundwater level. As per day Government declared the water level condition in major dam in Maharashtra region is getting lower and lower at the start of the January. So many villages get supply from water tanker at the start of January. We have tropical climate after four months of rain we have to plan for other eight month of water supply and need for urban as well as the village need for water.

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