Eco-Logical Tablets

Tablets, uses a unique oxygen delivery system that oxygenates wastewater, removes hydrogen sulfide odours, prevents corrosion in wastewater systems and initiates aerobic biological breakdown of organic sludge

The Gulf of Mexico is home to a large number of marine creatures, yielding more finfish, shrimp and shellfish annually than the south and mid-Atlantic, Chesapeake and New England areas combined. However, a part of the gulf's Texas-Louisiana coastline — stretching 8,000 square miles from Galveston, Texas to Venice, Louisiana — is now devoid of marine life, as staggering amounts of pollution sucked out all the oxygen that the once-thriving marine ecosystem needed to live. This area is called the Dead Zone.

The Dead Zone also contains high levels of Enterococci—a naturally occurring bacteria in the guts of humans and animals — that have turned the gulf water almost into toilet water. In fact, Texas health officials have likened taking a dip into the affected beaches to "swimming in the toilet." This could lead to various infections such as gastroenteritis and infectious hepatitis.

Cleaning up the gulf is no easy task, and one cannot accomplish much unless he goes back to the source of the problem: the vast Mississippi-Missouri watershed that flows from the rivers into the gulf. Aside from farms and industrial factories, restaurant grease traps, retention ponds and septic tanks from millions of homes are all contributing to the pollution in the rivers all the way to the Dead Zone.

But despite the massive scope of the problem, one company has provided a solution that works directly on the source, thus ensuring better quality of water that flows down the watershed. Ecosciences, Inc. (OTCQB: ECEZ) is a company that focuses on building, acquiring and investing in businesses around ecological and life sciences. It provides bioremediation services for sewers, sludge ponds, septic tanks, lagoons, farms, car washes, portable sanitation facilities, grease tanks, lakes and ponds.

Its wholly-owned subsidiary, Eco-Logical Concepts, Inc., operates the company's core business of producing and selling revolutionary bioremediation products that are designed to make collection systems and treatment facilities more efficient. Its suite of tablet-based products, known as Eco-Logical Tablets, uses a unique oxygen delivery system that oxygenates wastewater, removes hydrogen sulfide odours, prevents corrosion in wastewater systems and initiates aerobic biological breakdown of organic sludge, creating an optimal environment without the need for expensive dosing equipment or hazardous chemicals. Furthermore, the tablets are simple to use directly by the end consumer.

The bioremediation tablets have two basic applications. One, they help reduce grease and solid buildup on tank walls and pipes that can reduce the system's ability to handle incoming wastewater as well as cause backups and system failure. Two, it reduces hydrogen sulfide in wastewater, thus mitigating its odour and avoiding tank wall and pipe corrosion, which can lead to system failure.

Ecosciences has developed a variety of bioremediation products intended to serve various market segments. The first one is the Tank-Eze wastewater tablet, which is commonly used for pump and lift stations, septic tank systems, and other wastewater treatment systems. The Sept-Eze septic system tablet helps maintain septic systems as it is flushed down the toilets once a month to reduce the need for annual pump outs. Another one is the Trap-Eze grease trap tablet, geared towards the food service industry as it helps clean, deodorise, and keep grease traps running effectively to reduce downtime. Finally, the Wash-Eze car wash tablet reduces noxious odors and spots other problems associated with the use of reclaimed water.

By treating the problem at its root cause, Ecosciences' bioremediation tablets can drastically reduce water pollution in the Gulf of Mexico as well as in other bodies of water that are in urgent need of saving. Just like what company president, Joel Falitz, said, "From wastewater remediation to healthcare and more, Ecosciences is committed to building a better living environment for all people. Our bioremediation business is just the beginning of our plan and goal to create a successful mid to large cap company over the long term."

Source: ibtimes

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