Control of biofilm growth in drinking-water pipleline

Dear Muthukrishna,

Could you please clarify whether do you mean that disinfection with ozone and ultraviolet light in your situation should not be applied?  If not, I may suggest UV and/or Ozone options.

You may see our (New Zealand) approach which we have developed for drinking-water quality's control, which you may find on the Ministry of Health web-side (section 'Publications'),

See also:

For details, please see relevant sections in Drinking-water Standards for New Zealand 2005(2008), Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality Management for New Zealand 2005, and several other supporting documents (e.g. UV Disinfection and Cartridge Filtration, Public Health Risk Management Plans for Drinking-water Supplies, etc.).

I hope this might be of your help.

If you would need further details and assistance, I am happy to assist.

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Alexander Kouzminov

New Zealand

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