Eco-Pulse Environmental Consulting Services

Eco-Pulse Environmental Consulting Services (Eco-Pulse) offers selected services in the fields of natural sciences and water resource management.  The name of the business reflects the focus of the company. “Eco” stands for ecology - the scientific study of the distributions, abundance and relations of organisms and their interactions with the environment.  We seek to apply the science of ecology to real-world questions in order to inform sustainable management of our natural resources.  A strong “Pulse” is an indicator of vitality and reflects our vision to see ecosystems appropriately managed so as to secure critical biodiversity and key ecosystem goods and services.

Industry tags: 
  • Consulting & ServicesEnvironmental ConsultingBiodiversity conservation
  • Consulting & ServicesEnvironmental ConsultingEnvironmental Assessment & Management
  • Consulting & ServicesEnvironmental ConsultingWater and Environment
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