Aquanet Helping Drinking Water Supply in Senegal

Aquanet, a Full Subsidiary of the Dutch Water Supply Company PWN Noord-Holland, Has Become Partly Responsible for the Rural Drinking Water of Approximately 400.000 People in Senegal

SEOH ("Société d'Exploitation d'Ouvrages Hydrauliques") is a joint venture of Aquanet, Aquavirunga and the Senegalese contractor GEAUR. Aquanet unfolds on behalf of NV PWN international CSR activities, mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa. Aquavirunga is a subsidiary of NV PWN which has become the largest, rural and successful Rwandan private operator and provides approximately 350.000 people with drinking water.

SEOH shall, for a period of 10 years, be responsible for 13 surface water systems in the north of the country along the Senegal River (called Gorom Lampsar) and one groundwater system (Notto-Doismone-Palmarin) in the middle of the country.

The signing of the contract is seen as an important first step for the involvement of the local private sector in the maintenance and management of all rural water systems in Senegal.

The importance of this was underlined by the presence of the Senegalese Minister for Water and Sanitation.

Aquanet and Aquavirunga will share their knowledge and experience in the coming years with SEOH concerning the area of operational management, to ensure that drinking water is safe, reliable and remains affordable.

Additionally Aquanet will support the Senegalese government to find additional funding to connect more people to the existing distribution network.

Source: Aquanet

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