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Due to years of experience resulting from the execution of various projects, in addition to being the technological leader, the 2G group has positioned itself into a leading role for the growing international markets. 2G Iberica S.L., (since May 2012: 2G Solutions of Cogeneration S.L.) a 90%-owned subsidiary of 2G Energy AG, was already founded in early 2008 to ensure the coverage of sales and technical services of 2G modules throughout the Iberian Peninsula as well as in France.

The agenitor, the first cogeneration plant with an electric power output of less than 500 kW and an efficiency of over 40%, has enabled us to take a very strong competitive position in the growing markets of the Iberian Peninsula and France. Furthermore in the year 2011 with the development of the filius, with an electric power output range of 50 kW to 150 kW, we created a model that specifically meets the needs of the French market for the high demand of 2G modules in the lower power range.

With headquarters located in Vic / Barcelona and a branch in Rennes, France, 2G Solutions also stands for customer focus, flexibility and reliability. The strategic positioning of long-term, multi-lingual members of the 2G staff at each new location in particular leads to a strong connection with the parent company, and therefore allows new projects to be dealt with in a very quick and proper fashion.

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