Evoqua Water Technologies Supplies New Membranes for HydroNovation's Salt-free Water Solution

Evoqua Water Technologies Inc. announced an exclusive agreement with water treatment company HydroNovation to supply a newly developed ion-selective membrane pack for HydroNovation's HydroDITM water treatment system.

The new membranes have ultra-low resistance and are highly selective for divalent ions, desirable for applications requiring reduction of hardness ions, such as calcium and magnesium. HydroNovation will incorporate these new membranes into the HydroDI systems to provide salt-free water treatment for residential and commercial point-of-entry applications.

"We are proud to bring the benefits of the groundbreaking membrane technology pioneered by Evoqua in the industrial and high purity markets to residential and commercial markets in our HydroDI solution." said Anil Jha, CEO of HydroNovation. "Evoqua's highly efficient membrane pack is a crucial element of our eco-friendly water treatment solution and brings us closer to our goal of eliminating the traditional ion exchange softeners which pollute the environment."

Currently, there are more than 11 million traditional salt-based water softeners in the U.S., each dumping an average of 500 pounds of salt into the local groundwater each year. Salt discharge from softeners has become a major concern in Southwest US and several other states, increasing chemical contamination in groundwater.

The HydroDI system utilizes electrical potential combined with membrane filtration technology to remove hardness ions in addition to other harmful contaminants, such as nitrates, lead and arsenic, all without the use of any chemicals. The system includes the capability for the user to dial-in a preferred quality standard, producing ideal water quality for coffee, tea and soda preparation; the result is bottled water quality from every tap.

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