Aarhus Water

Aarhus Water is one of the country’s leading companies in the water industry and we work with the entire lifecycle of water – from the time consumers turn on the tap for a drink of fresh water – until the purified waste water from households and industries is returned to nature.

Aarhus Water supplies consumers in Aarhus Municipality with some of Denmark’s most palatable water − and we supply them with a lot of it.

We produce about 16 million cubic metres of clean, fresh drinking water annually – corresponding to 85 per cent of the total water supply in the municipality.
We obtain the water with the help of groundwater extraction from about 100 wells in the municipality. We then treat it at our ten waterworks and finally supply consumers with clean, inexpensive drinking water from 12 elevated storage tanks via 1,500 kilometres of water mains.
We purify between 30 and 35 million cubic metres of water a year at ten high-tech waste water treatment plants by means of effective, environmentally sound methods that remove such impurities as nitrogen, organic matter and phosphorus. The purified waste water is then returned to nature and the water cycle can begin again.
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