Aqua Resources Fund

Aqua Resources Fund Limited (the "Company") is a limited liability company which was incorporated in Guernsey on 12 June 2008 as a closed-ended investment fund, registered with number 49038.

The Company aims to provide capital appreciation through diversified exposure to a global portfolio of water-related investments.

FourWinds Capital Management is the investment manager of the Company, with responsibility for the discretionary management of its assets. The Manager's management team has a proven track record of generating returns and managing risk across natural resources investments including water-related assets.

The Directors consider that an investment in the Company should be regarded as long term in nature and is suitable only for sophisticated investors, investment professionals, high net worth bodies corporate, unincorporated associations and partnerships and trustees of high value trusts, in each case, who can bear the economic risk of a substantial or entire loss of their investment and who can accept that there may be limited liquidity in the Company's shares.

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