Biwater offers a world of water expertise and is currently working in over 30 countries with experience, from the Company’s formation in 1968, in 90 countries.

We design, build, operate and maintain water companies, water supplies, effluent treatment and desalination plants.  We particularly specialise in self-funding financed projects whereby increased income, and savings in non-revenue water (leaks), support repayment of loans for new projects.

Whether your requirement is for a new dam, water, desalination or effluent treatment plant or the expert management of a water company to reduce costs and increase income, a Biwater team has the expertise.

We have built, extended and refurbished some of the largest water and sewage treatment plants in the world; some in excess of 1,000 mld., for the capital cities of the UK, Malaysia, Panama, Nigeria, Sudan, Abu Dhabi, Iraq, Hong Kong, Ghana, South Africa, Nicaragua and Vietnam, in addition to thousands of other projects worldwide.

Today the key words for water are sustainability and viability and these are being achieved through ethical operating and management, with an expertise and discipline that calls for the input of a professional, specialised Biwater team.
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