Impact of water mismanagement


What is the power impact of inefficient water management, on both a micro and macro scale?

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Wm Ross Williams
Water consumers have only began to feel the effects of the cost of water processing. We don't need to spend time on itty bitty inventions that produce as much power as a match. There are system inefficiencies enough to power medium size cities that can be accessed through something as simple as scheduling changes.
I'm interested to see who out there is interested enough to really dig down in this and, instead of simply noting that the sky is falling, ala Al Gore, lets start showing some real solutions. I'm sure, though, that you well know that movies and headlines that sell fear and conflict tend to attract much bigger audiences that movies demonstrating solutions. If you are interested in producing a piece about how solutions are simply laying around unnoticed, I can certainly provide you with the background and areas of possibilities.

Best regard and thanks for the question.
Trudi Schifter
Real solutions come in all sizes and that is also our interest. What do you think of Valerie Issumos Ethical water Sanitation exchange? She has just started a new group on this topic. Valerie is a commodity trader and has been working for 2 years on getting this off the ground. I think a creative approach to help span the sanitation funding gap. Love to hear your view.
Hans Hummel
Interesting question. In short, I believe the management of water is hugely inefficient. Water treatment plants consume large amounts of energy, especially desalination plants. Water distribution systems are old and leak large amounts of water. On a micro level (in the home) we have standard metal pipes transporting water from the heater to it's POU. These metal pipes are very good at transmitting the heat away from the water.

I think everyone acknowledges there is room for improvement concerning water management on macro and micro levels.
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