What can be done to prevent the calamities like what happened at Uttarakhand INDIA due to improper flood water management? ?


vikramsingh singh
There is no way to stop the flood only what we can do is to undertake preventive use to mitigate the impact of flood. Like development of the river catchment area by increasing the vegetation cover (plants, grass) in areas where there are seasonal-precipitation surges. This is typically a mountain glen where there is lots of snowfall in the winter. Terracing on hillsides to block runoff is the MUST operation to be done.
Retention ponds and diversion dams should be constructed so that the water is available throughout the year for irrigation. All these operations will help reducing the flood impact. But this can not be done over night, govt has to undertake a proper planning for it. At the same time there should be emergency preparedness paln ready so that the tragedy which happened in India recently can be avoided.
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