What are current solutions to Sick Water?


In March the UN report "Sick Water" was published with a "Central Role of Wastewater Management in Sustainable Development".

What are current Wastewater Management solutions that could help diminish "sick water" on a global scale? and what are the most promising developments?



Veronica Lack
In the US of A the the center of our big country has its rivers and aquifers parts of the Mississippi River Watershed increasingly polluted with Anhydrous Ammonia fertilizer and other Nitrogen fertilizers, CAFO biological fertilizers, and herbicides and pesticides. We are drinking in these poisons that we can not taste and our DNR hides our well tests reports from us so we do not know what to do for safe drinking water but buy bottled water that we don't know how safe it is. Why can't we get access to our own well tests to see how effective our filters are doing and if we should drill a new well to a yet safe aquifer?

Why is the big AG industry and our US government against us knowing what chemicals we are drinking?

And what filter system will remove High levels of Anhydrous Ammonia fertilizer in high volumes, as well as high cadmium lead, Atrazine, and occasional bacteria from feedlot runoff when allof this gets ditched down a line of sinkholes?
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