What about using ceramic filtration in R.O desalination plant pretreatment



Said Al-Nammari
Dear Yahia

You do not need it, as in desalination you assume that you are using a distillation technique which would eliminate basteria?
Ceramic filters are used to eliminate bacteria usually.

Muhammad  Suleman chandio
Every pre-treatment before R.O is good depending upon initial and incurring expenditures. Otherwise the disinfection to the effluent from R.O would be feasible and ecconomical.
Yahia Elbasha
Thank you for your attention, I want to Know, if ceramic membrane filtration possess a new property as a pretreatment filter to R.O. system, like high rejection to colloidal particles, bigger stability to degradation by corrosive chemicals, high permeability, long life, antibacterial growth, cost effective,......than conventional & micro filtration.
Jackvan John
It should work fine!
Dave Washington, House of Ashman
Use the best available filtration systems your community can sustain.
Long-term sustainability not short-term greed.
Best Regards

Dave Ashman
One day, all will recognise the benefits of Water SVD - Must it Always be this way?
surendra khuntia
I have invented a natural sintered red clay filtration media (Known as TERAFIL) few years back under CSIR lab, Government of India. It is a porous terracotta disc. TERAFIL is getting fast popularity in India, especially for removal of turbid materials, dissolved iron, lime etc and microorganisms whose size is more than 200 nm. I am sure; TERAFIL can stand saline water easily without decay or any reaction unlike other membranes. It will be very cheap, long lasting, maintenance free and a natural product for pre-treatment for desalination by RO. But it has a limitation in filtration pressure. I can help to carry out testing & studies for filtration of saline water through TERAFIL candles before desalination through RO. S.Khuntia, Freelance R&D consultant, Inventor & Ex-Chief Scientist of CSIR, India.
Imran Aziz Tunio
Dear Mr. Yahia,
Pre-treatment plays a significant role in maximising the efficiency of the preferred desalting technology and enormous advances in membrane technology have resulted in the maturation of brackish water and seawater reverse osmosis (BWRO and SWRO) to the point where it is considered the benchmark method for the industry.Membrane filtration has been accepted as the prefered pre-treatment method in RO process.
Pretreatment to reverse osmosis seawater desalination historically has been achieved using organic (polymer) ultra- and micro-filter (UF/MF) membranes. Newly developed inorganic (ceramic) membranes offer unique advantages over the currently employed membranes it investigate the performance of a zirconium dioxide ceramic membrane with 0.05μm pore diameter to clarify raw seawater under different operating conditions.
Muftah  Elarbash
Pretreatment operations should be reduced to the absolute minimum through the reduction of reactive elements or elements that react to an occurring problem like suspended solids in raw water. It is much healthier if you can reduce SS load at the source. You can do that through applying non intensive O&M seawater intake systems such as the www.amecosys.com/elmosa InvisiHead and the NatSep. The InvisiHead is a selective natural system that drastically reduces SS inflow and lowers the SDI.
Héctor Pavez
MR. Muftah, do you have installed the invihead at some Thermal generator Plant... ?
Ceramic filtration in RO desalination plant pretreatment is fine.
omar badr
it's good but i think it's expensive regarding to the traditional filtration(mictro & sand/carbon) . they don't use it until the water have radiant pollutants
Michael Chua
Ceramic from www.ceraflo.com are cost competitive against polymer (i.e., similar Capex to Polymer)
Lucas León
Dear Yahia,

We have developed on a hybrid flotation-filtration process (akvolution.de) based on ceramic membrane technology. Are you thinking about brackish or seawater applications?

Best wishes,

Lucas León
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