Is there any way to identify which type of phosphorus (P) is exported from agricultural watersheds?


I am developing a phosphorus (P) budget for an agricultural watershed (Haean waershed, 6175 ha, South Korea). Chemical fertilizers and organic matter (compost and manure) are the main sources of P in my study site. In addition, the soil of the watershed is characterized as sandy loam. P sorption capacity of manured sandy loam soils is lower than chemical fertilized soils. Additionally, the mean P concentration is 0.041 and 0.691 mg/l for dry and wet season (more than half of the annual precipitation is concentrated during summer monsoon season (July-August)) respectively.

Is there any way to identify which part of P - Org. P or Inorg. P is mainly exported from the watershed ?



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Ivan Blagojevic
Hemijska analiza , svakako !
Richard Makim
I think it is important to track quantities of fluoride, that is in some P fertiliser
Paul Dumble
Different types of phosphates can be identified using Raman Spectroscopy. Using standard P compounds you may be able to characterise in detail the different types of phosphorus present. You may need to work with a university to get access to this testing technique and discuss how organic P might be differentiated.
Charles Elworthy
Hi Arif - I am unfortunately not an expert on this but we have team members in NZ who are working on nutrient budgets and will ask them. Cheers Charles
Arif  Reza
Hello, thanks a lot for your kind consideration. Waiting for your further reply.
Good luck.
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