Is Non-Thermal Plasma Appropriate as Odor Control Treatment for Sewage Treatment Plants?


I have seen suppliers offering NTP as a treatment solution for odor control at sewage treatment plants (STPs). Are they really effective and more cost effective as claimed vs. traditional technologies such as biofilters and scrubbers? 

How can one evaluate objectively if one product is better than another brand? Are there industry standards for this product type? Thanks



John Machell

Hołub, Marcin, et al. "Plasma Supported Odour Removal from Waste Air in Water Treatment Plants: An Industrial Case Study." Aerosol and Air Quality Research 14 (2014): 697-707.

Stojan Hornick
Odor Control using Non-Thermal Plasma - read this paper, it may help you. let me know
Raman Saravanane
NTP is innovative but the transformed oxidation and reduction emissions at exhaust duct would attract VOC's stringent limits involving hydroxyls, peroxyls and peroxides formed in the NTP field. Problem could be handling high moisture content and and sulphur residues in odour; recovery? or complex secondary formations with peroxides & aromatics remains a issue?
Edwin Ricarte
we must understood first of all if the wastes can be reduced from the source i.e. process change, materials change etc. Logically, the odor is due to the decomposition of both organic and inorganic matters in the sewage.. If the objective is to reduce only the odor then try making your microbes healthy by employing air bubbles, and sustain with nutrients such as urea ..
lyseconcept jean Marius
les dégagements d'odeurs de l'assainissement proviennent obligatoirement d'un dysfonctionnement biologique. soit on va à la source pour les éviter ce qui supprime tout traitement palliatif couteux, soit on met en place un moyen quelconque pour les combattre.
L'avantage de l'Assainissement biologique c'est qu'il ne dégage pas d'odeur et l'effluent en sortie totalement biologique, arrose le jardin potager.
une solution globale et définitive.

The releases of odors of the cleansing come obligatorily from a biological dysfunction. Either one goes to the source to avoid them what removes any expensive palliative treatment, or one sets up an unspecified means to fight them.
The advantage of the biological Cleansing it is that it does not release from odor and the effluent at completely biological exit, sprinkles the vegetable garden.
A comprehensive solution and final
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