I am an agriculture graduate and farming these days. I want to know more about the groundwater availability of my area. Please explain what is the technique of electrical well logging for groundwater exploration ? Is it very expensive ?



Demang Mahmud
Everyone, thank you for your help and suggestions.
Peter K.
you can use spatial data for knowing the water availability if the data is collected by any agency
Lakshmi Narayana Nagisetty
Well Logging of drilled bore wells with the combination of tools certainly helps to locate the aquifers which are saline or fresh water bearing zones. This is costly and not certainly the first phase of ground water exploration. Even before selecting the point for drilling, surface geophysical tools like electrical resistivity both profiling and vertical electrical sounding (VES) which are cost effective should be deployed for identifying the aquifer zones with quantitative parameters like depth, thickness, quality etc., and further to select the point for drilling a bore well. This is more scientific with cost effectiveness and helps to cover larger area.
Tamara Goerge
Electrical well logging is a kind of geophysical logging tool for ground water exploration. It involves the continuous recording of electrical resistance, resistivity and spontaneous potential (SP) of formations of a drilled bore hole. This helps to identify the formations and also delineate freshwater aquifers from saline aquifers.It is also used to delineate the fracture system in hard-rock terrain, for rejuvenation of poor/low-yielding bore wells.
Aseem Murtaza
In electrical well logging, two electrical properties are measured in the borehole: potential and resistivity. It has been observed that in a borehole, the electrical potential varies according to the nature of the beds traversed. For example, salt water sands and brackish water sands are usually more negative than the associated shale or clay. On the other hand, fresh water sands may either be more negative or more positive than the associated formation.
Demang, this method is not very expensive it is used very commonly these days. Best.
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