How to increase the Ph level of drinking water?


Dear members, we are getting drinking water from a private well since 2006. Since 3 months the water started appearing little rusty. We did the analysis and found out that there is corrosion in pipeline as the Ph level of water is 5 which is low. We can not change the piping since its not very old and its expensive to replace the whole pipe line. Please tell us how to increase the ph level of water before it enters to the pipe line?



Jose Martinez
The pH has changed or not. Maybe pH has been 5 during a lot of time and you haven't noticed.
Have you noticed the problems at the same time you change the pipes?
You must investigate what is happening.
To adjust the pH I prefer sodium bicarbonate food grade. Strong alkalis have chemical dangers and are more dificult to manege and achieve a fine adjust. The pH curve change very quick with these products.
surendra khuntia
Water reacted with rusted pipeline during transportation, hence water is contaminated with iron, for which water became acidic and pH is reduced to 5. There is a simple & low cost solution. Please filter your water through TERAFIL red clay candle (an invention of the undersigned) before use. It will increase pH to more than 6, and simultaneously remove all iron, suspended & turbid particles, bacteria, colour etc and also improve taste of the water. S.Khuntia, Inventor of TERAFIL water purification tech, Ex-Chief Scientist of CSIR, Govt of India, Freelance Consultant.
Nicole de Rueda
induce lime
Immediate solution is to dose soda ash (sodium bi carbonate). check for reasons for low pH.
Lokesh Kumar
Lime can be added to water to increase its pH level. It is safe.
Maqbool Hussain
In my view, the most urgent issue that need to be addressed is the pH (5) of the water if it is being drunk as it is. The drinking water with this pH level can be extremely harmful for the health. It can eat away human body in the similar way it is damaging the pipes. Therefore, pH needs to be raised immediately. A combination of lime, soda or soda ash should work well. Secondly, the well water should be analyzed to see if it falls within the WHO guidelines at least. If not, it should be treated to remove the undesired constituents. Thirdly, I assume the iron pipeline should have been internally lined or coated and raising pH should stop further damage. Anyways, damaged portions will have to be replaced. In case, most of the pipeline is rusted and leaking, it would be wise to replace the it with corrosion resistant material such as PVC or HDPE. However, make sure the material can sustain the network pressure.
Sivasankara Pillai
Please give details of treatment and water quality analysis report. Low pH may be caused by dissolved carbon dioxide. In that case driving out carbon dioxide by boiling can increase pH. Careful use of soda ash can increase pH. If low pH in natural water i due to mineral acid, sodium bicarbonate (food grade) is recommended. Dosage is based on water analysis report.
Otto Gruhn
IS this RO water? If so reminerialization is what is needed.
Regardless, there are many ways to raise the ph, lime, soda, calcium carbonate etc all work well when done properly. Which one you choose may depend on the local availability. Dosing/injection or side stream will most likely have the lowest capex.
Edwin Ricarte
Check your ways and means of disinfecting your drinking water.. I suggest that you use NaOCl, it is effective as bleaching agent and disinfectant,..and its pH at 40% purity is between 13 to 14. See if this can help. For now I really do not understand fully what is your problem.. is it the corrosion and rusting of pipelines? or the low pH of drinking water? Corrosion and rusting develops through time when your material is not appropriate, High pH or low pH. Its a matter of time .
Sankaran Seshadri
Dear Member It appears the well water is being used as drinking water and supplied thru' iron pipes. Is the water treated before distribution ? If so, add a Calcium Carbonate ( Marble chips ) filter after final treatment. This will increase the pH as well give life to water. Using iron pipes on the distribution line is not advisable. Stainless Steel is preferable but costlier. Use food grade plastic pipes.
Robert Reisewitz
A method commonly used is filtration through a calcium carbonate bed (marble, sea shells etc). Pre-mixed filter media for this are available. Best is a sidestream filtration, allowing for precise target pH adjustment.
BY adding backing soda
Vysakh  Mohan
You have to change the pipeline,which makes the water unfit for drinking. if you want to increase the Ph of water you can use baking soda or alkaline or ph drops from health food stores. But best way is to replace the pipeline as it may contaminate the water more in future. Purify the water before consumption.
Greg Marsh
Yes you are right Vysakh and the pipe is probably leaking water too which could introduce even more issues. As a cheap fix you might be able to insert a replacement pipe (food grade) that is flexible and relatively cheap. The size of course would be smaller. Fixing the PH now is probably too late anyway and regardless what you do the water is now a problem.

Don't waste more money on a solution that will not work. Don't know the dimensions you are using but flexible pipe for water lines is available cheaper than iron.
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