Emerging technologies to treat brine from SWRO plants


Good afternoon,

Anyone could help me? I am developing a new SWRO project, and the brine production is too large, and due to legal restrictions, we are not permitted to proceed with a direct discharge to the ocean.

Could anyone help me with this issue? I need reliable suppliers for this kind of technology, involving brine concentrators or similiar.


Thank you very much in advanced and kind regards.



Muhammad  Suleman chandio
Actually the chemical waste water needs i) recycle to extract reuseable matter and ii) the pre-treatment to bring in quality of effluend which should be uniformly dispersed into sea water when discharged in sea water wit no adverse effect upon sea life..
omar badr
i'm also having the same problem zld system solve it but with high energy consumption
Dave Washington, House of Ashman
Energy wasteful, yet because of inadequate drinking water infrastructure, distribution these desalination lobbyist will claim they are the only solution.
Ialit Mohan Sharma
In case space is not a constraint and weather is favorable even simple natural evaporation basins can be an option.

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Muftah  Elarbash
The InvisiHead outfall of http://www.amecosys.com/elmosa discharges, disperses, mixes, and dilutes the brine and makes it blend with the ambient and reaches equilibrium within the vicinity of the structure. They use the US EPA VISUAL PLUME modeling software to demonstrate the outfall brine dispersion performance in compliance with environmental regulations. It meets and exceeds the EPA standards. Take a look Emilio and see if it addresses your requirements
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