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NanoStruck Technologies Inc. is a Canadian Company with a suite of technologies that remove molecular sized particles using patented, absorptive, organic polymers. These versatile biomaterials are derived from crustacean shells or plant fibres, depending on the requirements of their usage. Acting as molecular sponges, the nanometre-sized polymers are custom programmed to absorb specific particles for remediation or retrieval purposes. They can be used to clean out acids, hydrocarbons, pathogens, oils and toxins in water via the NanoPure solutions and to recover precious metal particles in mine tailings, such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium, using the Company’s NanoMet solutions.

By using patented modifications with conventional technologies and adding polymer-based nano-filtration, the Company offers environmentally safe NanoPure solutions for water purification. The Company uses Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines as a benchmark for water quality and safety, to conform to acceptable agricultural or drinking water standards in jurisdictions where the technology is used.

Additionally, the Company’s technology can be used to recover precious and base metals from mine tailings, which are the residual material from earlier mining activities. By retrieving valuable metals from old tailing dumps, the Company’s NanoMet solutions boost the value of existing mining assets and reduce the need for new, costly and potentially environmentally harmful exploration and mining.

The Company’s business model is based on selling water remediation plants and leasing out units and charging customers on a price per litre basis, with a negotiated minimum payment per annum. For processing mine tailings, the value of precious metals recovered is shared with tailing site owners, on a pre-agreed basis.

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