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HYDROKARST specializes in underwater works, rope access works and works in confined areas. It was founded in 1977 by speleologists from Grenoble, France and has considerably grown since, with foreign subsidiaries and projects all over the world. The mastery of three separate and complementary skills gives the company a major advantage as it can offer turnkey high quality services to its customers.


Penstocks, Sand blasting and painting

Thanks to the combination of our skills in rope access work and confined environments, we have perfect mastery of all types of work related to penstocks, from survey assessment to interior and exterior maintenance or building assistance.

  • - Corrosion inspection, metrology, sample taking
  • - Stripping, joint repair, repair of internal coating
  • - Laying and building of pipes on cliffs
  • - Cable transport, helicopter transport
  • - Rockfall protection, up grading of concrete blocks
  • - Welding, cutting
  • - Sand blasting, anti corrosion treatment

Sediments extraction

The extraction of muds and sediments in a hydro electric environment uses different methods such as cleaning or hydro cleaning, pumping out, dredging, etc.To do this, the work can be carried out from dry land or from a barge, using diggers, pumps, dredgers, etc.

  • - Reservoir cleaning
  • - Basin drainage
  • - Evacuation and transport of sediments
  • - Pumping out in underwater galleries
  • - Silt removal
  • - Clearing of water intakes

Civil work rehabilitation

Another of our specialities in the field of our interventions on dams: the rehabilitation of civil work.These works can be carried out both in and out of water, and some of these operations must be carried out at depths requiring saturation diving, which we carry out using our ULIS unit which enables us to dive up to 200 metres

  • - Up grading of frontals
  • - Up grading of sills and aprons using concreting or installing gabions
  • - Treatment of cracks and repair of concreting
  • - Seal water tightness using bridging or grouting
  • - Injection of cement grout and resin
  • - Cable sawing, boring
  • - Anchoring
  • - Demolition
  • - Scour filling


We have a solid experience in the field of the rehabilitation of hydro-electric elements such as gates, cofferdams, screens, etc.

:: Here are a few examples of the typical work we perform in the hydro mechanics field:

  • - Changing and cleaning of screens
  • - Up grading of cofferdams (water tightness, strengthening)
  • - Repair of immersed gates
  • - Repair of rails and slides
  • - Replacement of brakes, shield plates (cutting, welding, anchoring, etc.)
  • - Installing current deflectors
  • - Cathodic protection of mechanical elements
  • - Gate cleaning

All these interventions require both underwater and rope access work skills.

Inspection, survey assessment, ROV

Thanks to the use of ROVs (Remote Operated Vehicle), dams can be carefully inspected without having to be drained.

  • - Silting or corrosion levels
  • - Condition of the upstream wall, seals
  • - Condition of operating equipment
  • - Real time ROV positioning
  • - Autocad drawings
  • - Inspection with no visibility thanks to acoustic camera equipment

We also carry out inspections by commercial divers or climbing technicians on all emerging or submerged elements on hydro electric sites.

These inspections result in survey assessment reports for our customers in order to present our conclusions and recommendations in terms of rehabilitation and repair works.
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