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In 2010, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT launched Blue Orange, its innovation investment fund. It aims to strengthen and accelerate the development of innovative solutions in the Water and Waste businesses. With an investment budget of 50 million Euros over 10 years, Blue Orange invests in the commercial and industrial development of startups with promising, innovative technologies concerning these areas.

Blue Orange counts on partnerships and responsiveness to contribute to the Group’s differentiating technological drive. The fund has 3 major advantages:

  • Access to an international network of experts, researchers and technicians at the forefront of techniques in water and waste,
  • Commercial and industrial exposure offered by the Group’s activities in most regions of the world.
  • The access to the results of R&D programmes undertaken by the Group.

Two years after its launch, Blue Orange receives and analyses nearly 300 applications per year; 4 investment operations have been conducted as well as much other collaborative work initiated via the Group’s additional programmes and initiatives.

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