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BioPetroClean™(BPC) is a clean-tech company specializing in offering wastewater treatment solutions based on our proprietary technologies and process know how. Our breakthrough technology, Automated Chemostat Treatment™ (ACT) and sequential mode of operations offer significant advantages over other available processes.

The concept behind ACT™ is the isolation of the most ideal bacterial consortium from the waste water itself, which is utilized in an innovative chemostat Bioreactor. The process is maintained in a homeostatic state of bacterial growth, with low concentration of bacterial cells (MLSS between 300-500 ppm), as a result no aggregates are formed and each bacterium acts as a single cell. This increases the surface area available for biodegradation, increasing the efficiency of the process. 

ACT is able to provide high quality and stable treatment with high fluctuations in inlet load, ACT installations have been operating without a single upset for over 7 years, even with very high fluctuations of inlet load.

watch a video explaining ACT Technology

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