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The water sector and implementing water resources development projects is one of the priorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran. So, a large part of the country's public resources has been allocated to this sector, especially from the beginning of the current five-year development plan. This process has been successful in previous plans, such that the water sector ranked first rank among the various sectors at the beginning of the 4th five-year development plan. In accordance with the long-term policies of water management, which were approved by the Council of Ministers in 2002, and the policies in current 5-year plan, the completion of this process will be an important factor over the next two decades.
Undoubtedly, in recognition of this priority and also to pave the way for development in the country and meet its overall social needs, the capacity of the resource sectors should be strengthened. In this respect, the private sector must have a very significant and effective role. One of the most important problems encountered in the intervening years since the government began putting special attention on the water sector, has been management issues in general and implementation management of water resources development projects in particular. This can be seen in that projects costs have increased dramatically and completion schedules have been delayed as well.
These obstacles have led some experts in the water sector who have implementation experience to establish Behan Sadd Company in 1998, to deal effectively with the problems of management of project implementation in general and water projects in particular. At this time, the first five-year plan had been completed and its successes and failures, have clearly demonstrated the deficiencies in the area of project management.
The main purpose of establishing this company is to draw together outstanding experts of governmental and non-governmental organizations and promote the different aspects of project management. Fortunately, Behan Sadd Co. in spite of its short history has, as a young institution, made a valuable contribution toward reaching the above-mentioned goals and helping the country achieve its water development and management targets. The company has had a marked effect on lower costs and increasing the efficiency of the projects it has managed.

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