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Aqueum is the water subconsultants’ cooperative.  We are a growing collection of freelance consultants serving all aspects of the water industry.

For consultancies

We believe that you can do more by employing the best talent available.
Employing freelance sub-consultants for specialist tasks allows you to do more for less:

  • win and deliver work that includes elements outside your current internal capability
  • deliver work beyond your internal capacity, when all suitable internal staff are utilised elsewhere
  • minimise overheads by only employing specialist staff when you need them

We currently have highly qualified and experienced freelance staff who would love to help you with a huge range of water consultancy issues, we have attempted to organise our current core competences under the Water Capability tab, but please do get in touch if you have any needs and we can find the most appropriate sub-consultant.

For freelances

We believe that by working together we can do more of what we love (helping our clients solve a diverse range of water problems) and less of what we don’t like (admin, invoicing, touting for new business).

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