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AquaRating is a system that assesses the performance of water and sanitation service providers. As part of a comprehensive rating of the provider, the system also offers detailed assessments of its various rating areas such as Access to Service, Quality of Service, Operating Efficiency, Planning and Investment Execution Efficiency, Business Management Efficiency, Financial Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability, and Corporate Governance. In addition, AquaRating provides an assessment of the reliability of the information provided, as well as recommendations to improve management practices. The benefits of AquaRating are:

Service providers

  • Receive a comprehensive performance rating from a third party which will contribute to the overall reputation of the provider, increase its accountability, open access to new markets and finance, and attract new qualified staff.
  • Identify areas of improvement and receive recommendations.
  • Access a knowledge and assessment community that fosters continuous learning.

Governments, regulators and development agencies

  • AquaRating can be used to stimulate providers to maintain or improve their performance.
  • AquaRating can help target technical assistance, incentives and finance according to providers’ performance.


  • The use and implementation of AquaRating recommendations will lead to better services in terms of quality, efficiency, sustainability and transparency

AquaRating has been developed in cooperation with the Inter-American Development bank.

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