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AquaPure a privately owned clean-tech company was founded in Israel in 2002 to provide the municipal and groundwater treatment markets with innovative and proprietary Non Thermal Plasma - NTP technology to remove micro pollutants from contaminated groundwater.

AquaPure's technology is based on over ten years of research in the areas of pulse power and groundwater remediation. This technology is especially effective against low concentrations of persistent molecules and micro-organic pollution. The Company is offering a cost-effective water treatment solution, providing effective removal ofs water contaminants such as Volatile Organic Compounds (MTBE, NDMA, TCE and others). The technology is safe to both users and the environment since it is chemical free.

AquaPure's mission is to play a pivotal role in the groundwater remediation and industrial wastewater treatment industry. The Company offers ozone - Hydroxyl radicals – UV Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) water treatment solution, allowing for effective purification of water contaminants.

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