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564 Weber St. N., Unit 12
Waterloo N2L 5C6

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Aquanty is an international hydrological sciences firm providing cutting edge hydrogeological computer modelling services across a broad base of industrial sectors. Among a number of analytical and numerical models within the Aquanty portfolio, our flagship platform, HydroGeoSphere™, is a class leader in fully-integrated three-dimensional surface/subsurface modelling. Aquanty’s scientists are the principle developers of HydroGeoSphere™ and are recognized as leading international experts in integrated climate/surface/subsurface modelling, as well as the development of custom, very advanced, numerical models. Aquanty was founded by the key developers of HydroGeoSphere™ in 2012

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  • Organization TypeSoftware & Modelling
  • WaterEnvironmentFlood Modeling
  • WaterEnvironmentHydrogeology
  • WaterHydrologyHydrological Modelling
  • WaterHydrologySurface-Groundwater Interaction
  • WaterTechnologyModeling
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