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Penrith 2750

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Aquacell Pty Limited implements recycled water schemes through its Aquacell Technology. By innovative treatment of greywater, sewage, rainwater or stormwater, we ensure that no water goes to waste. Aquacell provides the three essential and interlinked components necessary for a successful scheme- regulatory expertise, smart plant design/ construction and sound ongoing management. Our designs are innovative, aesthetically pleasing, robust and space efficient. We have a proven track record of dual pipe non-potable re-use schemes in greenstar rated commercial buildings, apartment buildings, new developments, resorts and schools. Water is re-used for toilet flushing, cooling towers, irrigation, clothes washing and environmental flows.

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  • Organization TypeEngineering Company
  • WaterEnvironmentWater Recycling
  • WaterInfrastructureDesign & Construction
Category: Business
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