Interlinking of rivers of India

Members of Interlinking of rivers of India

  • Sameer Dohare
    Director, Terraquaer Venture
    Know-how: Environmental Services
  • paritosh singh Chauhan
    Expert -Hydrogeology & RS/GIS, HMR Engineering Consultants
    Know-how: Other, Environmental Consulting, Scientific Research Services, Engineering & Services, Water & Energy Conservation
  • Katherine  Purvis
    Commissioning Editor, Guardian Global Development Professionals Network
    Know-how: Multimedia, News Journalism, News, writing & editing, Media & Communication
  • Yogesh Agrawal
    Water Resources Advisor and Consultant
    Know-how: Dams, Water Resource Management, Design & Construction, Storm Water Management, Urban Drainage System
  • deepak gusain
    Know-how: Nano Materials
  • Kenta Koshimizu
    Consultant for Developing Country
    Know-how: Water & Wastewater
    Know-how: Groundwater Recharge
  • Demang Mahmud
    Know-how: Sustainable Agriculture, Agricultural Technology
  • Puja Gupta
    Know-how: Water, Waste Management, Environmental Health
  • Victor Nechifor
    Doctoral Researcher, UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources
    Know-how: Policy, Finance and Markets
  • Water Network Research
    Researcher, AquaSPE AG
    Know-how: Water
  • Trudi Schifter
    CEO, AquaSPE
    Know-how: Venture Capital, Software & Services, Water, C-level
  • R. Arunkumar
    Research Scholar, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
    Know-how: Hydrologist, Research Scholar, Land and Water Resources Management , Water Resources Management
  • Ananya Kumari
    Know-how: Flood Management
  • Satchidanand Sewalkar
    Director, Society for Environment Education, Research, and Management (SEERAM)
    Know-how: Sustainable Development, Water-Energy-Food Security, Social Awareness, Social Impact
  • Mihir C
    Know-how: Agriculture & Forestry
  • Markus Pahlow
    Researcher, University of Twente
    Know-how: Water Footprint , Sustainable Development , Water Resources Management
  • Saraha  Feble
    Agriculture departmnet, AUCD
    Know-how: Climate Change, Energy Efficiency
  • Felecia Alber
    MD, Agro feed
    Know-how: Crisis, Agribusiness, Irrigation Management, Water Law
  • Alagarsamy AR
    Student, CEPT
    Know-how: Civil Engineering, Road Construction, Bridge & Tunnel Construction, Water & Sanitation, Water & Wastewater
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