SBR and other small footprints technologies

Members of SBR and other small footprints technologies

  • emilio munoz
    Project Manager, PVS GmbH,
    Know-how: Desalination, Chemical Engineering, Sewage Treatment, Wastewater Treatment
  • Bio Microbics
    Board of directors, National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association
    Know-how: Aeration, Pollution, Sludge Separation, Water Reuse & Recycling, Waste Water Treatments, Water Distillation
  • B.N. Deshpande
    Project Head , Presently working at Madhoor BuildWell Pvt.Ltd. Nasik
    Know-how: Creative Water Structures
  • Sandip Magdum
    Assistant Research Engineer, Thermax Ltd.
    Know-how: Other, Water Purification, Alternative Fuels, Wastewater Treatment, Water sanitation, Bioenergy Technology
  • jeremy dudley
    Senior Engineer, WRc
    Know-how: Modelling
  • Dallas Schwartz
    Know-how: Sludge Separation
  • Juzer Jangbarwala
    Technical Consultant for Emerging Technologies, Independent
    Know-how: Waste to Energy, Bioenergy, Entrepenurial support, Water & Wastewater, Industrial Water Treatment
  • Water Network Research
    Researcher, AquaSPE AG
    Know-how: Water
  • Trudi Schifter
    CEO, AquaSPE
    Know-how: Venture Capital, Software & Services, Water, C-level
  • Marisa Buyers-Basso
    Know-how: Anaerobic Digestion, Biological Treatment, Sludge Separation
  • omar badr
    project manager, anisson
    Know-how: Solar Energy, Energy Plant Design, Gas Turbines, Process Engineering
  • Olufemi Aluko
    Lecturer, Obafemi Awolowo University
    Know-how: Drinking Water Security, Environmental Health, Sanitation and Hygiene, Sanitation Awareness, Research Scholar, Waste Water Treatment
  • charu awalkar
    sr mgr engg, swt
    Know-how: Industrial, Reverse Osmosis, Brackish Water, Zero Liquid Discharge plants, Waste, wastewater, air, chemical engineering, water treatment
  • Urmila Brighu
    Associate Professor, MNIT Jaipur
    Know-how: Reuse
  • Christian Hernández
    Know-how: Bioreactors & Processes
  • Sandro Teruggi
    President, ECOSTUDIO
    Know-how: Water Supply & Drainage
  • Abdilahi Botan
    Water Engineer, Schieland en de Kimpenerwaard
    Know-how: Water & Wastewater
  • Tom Freund
    Owner, Dig.y.SoL
    Know-how: Digital Manufacturing, Process Control, Monitoring Devices, Metering Technologies, Wireless Systems, Information Systems
  • Himanshu Prasad
    Former Chief Engineer, PHED, Adviser, PHED and Water Resources Agency
    Know-how: Storage Tank, Drinking Water Security, Drinking Water Treatment, Water Supply Design, Institutional Development & Water Governance, Rural Area Water Supply
  • Vandana Chummun
    Know-how: Chemical Treatment, Biological Treatment, COD Removal, Water, Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Drinking Water Treatment
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