rivers network

Members of rivers network

  • Eric  Tilman
    Consultant Water Resources Management & Administrator of rivresnetwork.org
    Know-how: Integrated Water Resource Management, Consultant
  • Imran Aziz Tunio
    Hydrologist/ Water Resource Engineer, Sindh Irrigation & Drainage Authority
    Know-how: Civil Engineering, Flood management, Project Management, Design Engineering, Irrigation, Executive water engineer
  • Sara Shaeri Karimi
    Senior Hydraulic Engineer, Dezab Consulting Engineers Company
    Know-how: Water Resources, Irrigation Hydraulic Optimisation, Irrigation and Drainage, Hydrology
  • Aixois L'Aixois
    Know-how: Multi-Effect Distillation
  • Laura-Kate Jennings
    Fundraiser, Creatmosphere
    Know-how: Other, Climate Change
  • Ferry Firmansyah
    Senior Financial Analyst, Queensland Urban Utility
    Know-how: Pricing, Infrastructure, Financial Stability, Capital Budgeting, Integrated Water Resource Management
  • Dennis Elliott
    Account Handler (Strategic Markets), Red Skies Group
    Know-how: Data Management
  • Andrew Der
    Principal & Environmental Consultant, Andrew T. Der & Associates, LLC
    Know-how: Construction, Project Execution, Stormwater Runoff, Water and Environment, Water Resources , Environmental Report Writing
  • Barbara BIS
    Senior Lecturer, Scientist, University of Lodz
    Know-how: Biodiversity, Freshwater, Reuse, Water Monitoring, Integrated Water Resource Management, Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Aamir A
    Technical director, e water
    Know-how: Atmospheric Water Generation, Finance and Markets
  • arash A.
    Know-how: Research
  • Tarek Kombaz
    General Manager, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation
    Know-how: Membranes, Sensor Systems, Facility Management, Integrated Water Resource Management, Consultant
  • David Nijssen
    Researcher, Ruhr-University Bochum
    Know-how: Hydrology, Conservation, Strategic Planning, Geospatial Information Systems, Water Resource Management
  • Walid Raouafi
    Know-how: Aquifer, Flood Management, Community Supply, Water Safety Plan
  • Greg Majersky
    Liquid Asset Development
    Know-how: Flocculation, Ion Exchange, Technology, Membranes, Research, Desalination
  • G Prasad Babu
    Project Officer - Integrated Water Managment, UNDP India
    Know-how: Environment, Groundwater
  • Praveen Kumar
    Managing ri, Supremus Group
    Know-how: Treatment, Policy, Drinking Water Security
  • Vasileios Tsillas
    GIS Consultant- Environmentalist, Specialized in treatment of water resources, None
    Know-how: Water Resources
  • Yogesh Agrawal
    Water Resources Advisor and Consultant
    Know-how: Dams, Water Resource Management, Design & Construction, Storm water management, Urban Drainage System
  • Sitaram Sharnangat
    Capacity Building and Led Trainer in Community Led Water Supply & Sanitation and Participatory watershed development , Freelance Consultant
    Know-how: Watershed, Water Harvesting
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