Water and Sanitation

Members of Water and Sanitation

  • Yoshimi Yoshida
    Environmental Scientist
    Know-how: Environmental Services, Environmental Services and Mitigation
  • farooq janjua
    Know-how: Service Provision & Demand Management, Development & Management
  • Shweta N.
    Know-how: Environmental Services
  • Tai Ping
    Know-how: Agriculture, Research, Sludge Treatment
  • Saladin Ahmadi
    Know-how: Environment, Energy
  • Robert Brears
    Know-how: Water-Energy-Food-Security, Water
  • Ebenezer Olu Akinpelu
    Senior Engineer, Thames Water Utilities Ltd
    Know-how: Water Utility, Urban Resource Management, Pressure Managment, Water Supply Design, Development & Management, Urban Water Supply
  • Samuel Cohen
    Know-how: Water Risk Tools
  • paritosh singh Chauhan
    Expert -Hydrogeology & RS/GIS, HMR Engineering Consultants
    Know-how: Other, Environmental Consulting, Scientific Research Services, Engineering & Services, Water & Energy Conservation
  • Katherine  Purvis
    Commissioning Editor, Guardian Global Development Professionals Network
    Know-how: Multimedia, News Journalism, News, writing & editing, Media & Communication
  • remoreoim bert
    Know-how: Energy Reduction
  • Jason Brooks
    Sr Tech Advisor WASH, ADRA International
    Know-how: Non-profit
  • Craig Laird
    Communication Consultant, Global Water Operators' Partnerships Alliance/UN-Habitat (GWOPA)
    Know-how: Water
  • Charles Hemba
    WASH Reporting and Documentation Consultant, UNICEF
    Know-how: Project Execution, Sustainability Management, Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH), Sustainable Development, Water & Sanitation, Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Z Coul
    Country Director, OTV
    Know-how: Agriculture, Treatment, Environment, Water Supply, Hydrology
  • Mier Vicente Lumain
    Assistant Technical Manager, LCDR Irrigation & Water Systems
    Know-how: Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation, Irrigation, Irrigation Energy Efficiency Audits
  • Demang Mahmud
    Know-how: Sustainable Agriculture, Agricultural Technology
  • Kevin Shane
    Communications Lead Senior Project Manager, Quicksand Design Studio
    Know-how: Other
  • mohammad reza eslami
    Know-how: Treatment, Water Supply, Hydrology
  • Asit Nema
    Founder, Foundation for Greentech Environmental Systems
    Know-how: Sanitary Engineering
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