Water and Sanitation

Members of Water and Sanitation

  • Dave Smithfield
    Know-how: Environmental Engineering
  • Darren  Holliday
    President, Well WaterBoy Products LLC
    Know-how: Non-electric Water Retrieval Devices
  • Memphis Buster
    Know-how: Agriculture, Environment, Energy, Ecohydrology
    Know-how: Basin Irrigation, Desalination Pre-treatment
  • ali salmani
    Process Expert, Absun Zolal
    Know-how: Carbon Filtering, Ion Exchange, Ultrafiltration, RO Systems, Drinking Water Treatment, Oil Water Separation
  • john olsen
    President, Cree Industries
    Know-how: Soil Carbon
  • Giovanni Pavanello
    Director, ALVIM SRL
    Know-how: Water sanitation, Water microbiology, Biofilm Sensors, Marine Technologies, Biofilm Monitoring Systems
  • Supriya Pradhan
    Know-how: Agriculture
  • Mekhela Anneliese
    Know-how: Public Health, Human Rights
  • Adimu Keino
    Know-how: Energy
  • Adedayo Mark-Adeyemi
    Team Leader, Sustainable Water and Sanitation in Africa Nigeria Ebonyi Project
    Know-how: Finance, Media & Entertainment, Government, NGO, Process Engineering, Water
  • Sandip Magdum
    Assistant Research Engineer, Thermax Ltd.
    Know-how: Other, Water Purification, Alternative Fuels, Wastewater Treatment, Water sanitation, Bio Energy Technology
  • jayden babillote
    VP - Irrigation Design , primo water
    Know-how: Drip Irrigation, Agro Eco System Modeling, Irrigation, Hydraulic remote control
  • ashish kumar
    Know-how: Water Security
  • Marcus O Ceafarcaigh
    Water Regulations Inspector, Yorkshire Water
    Know-how: Other
  • Bruno Peeters
    CEO and Owner, Model Engineering nv/sa
    Know-how: Other
  • Peter Feldman
    Consultant, Self-Employed
    Know-how: Development Cooperation
  • Trudi Schifter
    CEO, AquaSPE
    Know-how: TallyFox, Venture Capital, Software & Services
  • Deepak Hingorani
    Director, WatsanCAD Solution
    Know-how: Water & Sanitation, GIS Spatial Analysis
  • Jamie Skolnik
    Know-how: Chlorination, Environment, Energy
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