Water and Sanitation

Members of Water and Sanitation

  • Devendra Fonia
    Sales & Marketing Director, Bio Petro Clean
    Know-how: Biochemistry, Bioremediation, Industrial Water Treatment
  • Mohamed Elmasry
    Application Engineer, GE Water & Process Technologies
    Know-how: Cooling Systems
  • Sui Taiwan
    Know-how: Technology, IT, Solutions
    Founder, Your Well Wisher Program
    Know-how: E-Learning, Analytics, Research Scholar, IT Managment, Business Research
  • Reuben Kaira
    Technical Manager, Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company Limited
    Know-how: Public Health, Technology, Smart Meters, Design & Construction, Pumping System Design, Waste Water Treatments
  • Ismail Hassan
    Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Khatib & Alami - Consolidated Engineering Company
    Know-how: Research, Water Supply, Infrastructure, Hydrology
  • joe duane
    Manager, Caryle Group
    Know-how: Fundraising
  • Julieta Miranda
    Know-how: Agricultural Economics, Land & Water Development
  • Chris White
    Know-how: Water
  • Alison Duffy
    Home Shopping, Asda
    Know-how: Other
  • Vilmaurora Castillo-Moie
    Know-how: Water Quality, Integrated Water Resource Management, Drinking Water Treatment, Rural Area Water Supply
  • Karina Vink
    Researcher, GRIPS / ICHARM
    Know-how: Environmental Consequences, Millennium Development Goals, Integrated Water Resource Management, International Law , Risk Assessment, Governance & Policy
  • Wes Whitewolf
    President Founder, Whitewolf Consulting Technical Development LLC
    Know-how: Environmental Services and Mitigation, Alternative Eco Energy, Bioenergy Technology, Water Resources Management, Quality & Environmental Management , Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Florin-Constantin MIHAI
    Indepedent Researcher, Romanian Environment Association
    Know-how: Environmental Services and Mitigation
  • Mustafa Nasr
    Hygiene promoter, CSSW Yemen
    Know-how: Other
  • Charles Hemba
    WASH Reporting and Documentation Consultant, UNICEF
    Know-how: Project Execution, Sustainability Management, WASH, Sustainable Development, Water & Sanitation, Monitoring & Evaluation
  • susane hierry
    Know-how: Stormwater
  • gonuguntla kondala rao
    Chief Engineer, Andhra Pradesh Urban Finance and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd.
    Know-how: Engineer
  • papiha thomas
    Manager, Puritech Pvt
    Know-how: Treatment, Engineering & Services
  • Sanjay Deshpande
    Executive Director, Clearford India Pvt. Ltd.
    Know-how: Decentralized Wastewater
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