Water Disinfection

Members of Water Disinfection

  • farooq janjua
    Know-how: Treatment, Purification, Policy, Technology, Environment, Water Supply
  • Sameer Dohare
    Director, Terraquaer Venture
    Know-how: Environmental Services
  • Amanda Scott
    Product Application Specialist, GE Analytical Instruments
    Know-how: Other
  • Ebenezer Olu Akinpelu
    Senior Engineer, Thames Water Utilities Ltd
    Know-how: Water Utility, Urban Resource Management, Pressure Managment, Water Supply Design, Development & Management, Urban Water Supply
  • paritosh singh Chauhan
    Expert -Hydrogeology & RS/GIS, HMR Engineering Consultants
    Know-how: Other, Environmental Consulting, Scientific Research Services, Engineering & Services, Water & Energy Conservation
  • Ken Kershner
    Know-how: Disinfection
  • Goksel VATAN
    General Manager, SU AKADEMISI Co. Ltd.
    Know-how: Industrial, Chemical Treatment, System Design, Reverse Osmosis, Water Resources
  • Carol Liu
    Marketing Manager, Castagra
    Know-how: Media, Energy, Surface Finishings, Water
  • meenakshisundaram natarajan
    executive engineer, chennai metropolitan water supply and sewerage board
    Know-how: Project Management, Monitoring & Control
  • Cristian Mesa
    Know-how: Membranes, Wastewater Treatment, Filtration Solutions, Biological Treatment , Water Treatment Solutions
  • kathleen hayes
    EVP, Kennington Ltd., Inc
    Know-how: Other
  • john olsen
    President, Cree Industries
    Know-how: Soil Carbon
  • Giovanni Pavanello
    Director, ALVIM SRL
    Know-how: Water sanitation, Water microbiology, Biofilm Sensors, Marine Technologies, Biofilm Monitoring Systems
  • Antal van Acquoij
    Export Manager Eastern Europe Russia, Kanters Special Products
    Know-how: Salmonella, Veterinary Medicine
  • Water Network Research
    Researcher, AquaSPE AG
    Know-how: Water
  • Abd El Aziz Mahmoud
    Know-how: Membrane Technology, Reverse Osmosis, Energy Efficiency, Energy Plant Design, Filtration , Sea Water Desalinisation
  • Sarah Topps
    2014 - 2015 Pacific Regional Representative, Canadian Water Network - Students and Young Professionals Committee
    Know-how: Water & Diseases
  • Marisa Buyers-Basso
    Know-how: Anaerobic Digestion, Biological Treatment, Sludge Separation
  • omar badr
    project manager, anisson
    Know-how: Solar Energy, Energy Plant Design, Gas Turbines, Process Engineering
  • Sandro Teruggi
    President, ECOSTUDIO
    Know-how: Water Supply & Drainage
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