Members of Desalination

  • Rick Ide
    Sr Applications Engineer, Sales Manager, Microdyn Technologies Inc
    Know-how: Membrane Technology, Fluid Filtration
  • gomathi shankar
    Site In charge, Driplex Water Engineering Limited
    Know-how: RO Systems
  • Tal Joseph Journo
    CEO, HydroFLOW USA
    Know-how: Biological Treatment
  • Paul Redrovan
    General Manager, Water Projects
    Know-how: Industrial Water
  • Cristian Mesa
    Know-how: Membranes, Wastewater Treatment, Filtration Solutions, Biological Treatment & Energy Efficiency, Water Treatment Solutions
  • deven g
    Admin, Wyuna Separation Technology
    Know-how: Oil Water Separation
  • kathleen hayes
    EVP, Kennington Ltd., Inc
    Know-how: Other
  • Eytan Filiba
    Solutions Manager, IDE Technologies Ltd.
    Know-how: Reverse Osmosis, System Design, Economy Of Scale For Large Capacities
  • bernard butty
    Know-how: Investment Management
    Know-how: Basin Irrigation, Desalination Pre-treatment
  • Abid Hussainy
    Senior Specialist Water & Sanitation , Urban Unit Lahore
    Know-how: Institutional Development & Water Governance
  • Matan Beery
    CEO, akvolution GmbH
    Know-how: Process
  • john olsen
    President, Cree Industries
    Know-how: Soil Carbon
  • Samir Sapre
    Acting Manager Chemical Division, AES Arabia Ltd
    Know-how: Other
  • Arthur Ha
    Economist, Barefoot Economic Services
    Know-how: Conservation, Farms, Food safety, Economic Analysis, Agricultural Economics, Economics & Policy
  • ali salmani
    Process Expert, Absun Zolal
    Know-how: Carbon Filtering, Ion Exchange, Ultrafiltration, RO Systems, Drinking Water Treatment, Oil Water Separation
  • Avinash Patil
    Know-how: Treatment, Water Supply
  • Li  Tang
    Research Assistant, Johns Hopkins University
    Know-how: Ozonation, Membranes, Sustainability, Water Reuse & Recycling, Water Treatment Solutions, Water Treatment & Control
  • Aiden Ogley
    Chief cordinator, Own Consultation servies
    Know-how: Industrial Water Reuse
  • Anel  Ćeman
    Sales Manager, VNU Exhibitions Europe
    Know-how: Media and Communications
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