Members of Desalination

  • Khalil Abdou
    Senior Proposal Engineer, Metito
    Know-how: Other, Sewage Treatment, Waste Water Technology, Water Treatment Design
  • Nikolay Voutchkov
    President, Water Globe Consulting, LLC
    Know-how: Membrane Technology
  • Elad Itzkovitch
    Business development, ROTEC
    Know-how: Technology, Clean Tech
  • Anumeet  Kaur
    Assistant Manager-Sales & Marketing, TechSci Research
    Know-how: Marketing
  • hamed doshmanfana
    Process engineering, FARAZARAB Eng. Co.
    Know-how: Vapor Compression Distillation, Multi-Effect Distillation, Operation & Maintenance, Sea Water Desalinisation, Equipment & Machinery, Project Manager
  • Lars Willi
    COO, Trunz Water Systems AG
    Know-how: Innovation, Solar Desalination , Low Voltage Products, Reverse Osmosis, Off Grid Solutions, Renewable Energy Treatment
  • Prof. Dr. Hilmi S.  Salem
    Professor, Executive Director, Consultant
    Know-how: Education, Environment, Human Rights, Energy, Non Profit, Water
  • Alejandro Nuñez Casanovas
  • Nikhilesh Mukherjee
    Consultant, Independent
    Know-how: Other
  • Benjamin Court
    Manager at Schlumberger Business Consulting - SBC, Schlumberger - SLB
    Know-how: Other
  • Goksel VATAN
    General Manager, SU AKADEMISI Co. Ltd.
    Know-how: Industrial, Chemical Treatment, System Design, Reverse Osmosis, Water Resources
  • mehrdad hesampour
    Know-how: Membrane Technology
  • Khalid Malik
    Know-how: Treatment
  • Veronika Vasilev
    Know-how: Agriculture
  • Patrick Vowell
    Water Quality Engineer
    Know-how: Quality Maintenance, Potable, Technology, Project Management, Water Supply
  • Dr.-Eng. Abdelhakim Hassabou
    Research Scientist, Qatar Foundation
    Know-how: Other
  • John Cook
    CEO, Advanced Data Mining Intl
    Know-how: Water Quality, Water Supply, Hydrology, Groundwater, Climate Induced Hazard, Water
  • Nadav Shachaf
    BEL Group
    Know-how: RO Systems
  • Pere Camprovin
    Researcher, CETaqua
    Know-how: Other
  • Yossi Pinhas
    Solution Manager, IDE Technologies
    Know-how: Other
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