Water Footprint and Virtual Water Trade

Members of Water Footprint and Virtual Water Trade

  • Yang Villa
    Manager for Business Development, MetroPac Water Investments Corp.
    Know-how: Policy, Organization & Role, Environment, Water Supply, Infrastructure, Finance and Markets
  • Richard Vattay
    development director, EPHO Ltd.
    Know-how: Agriculture & Forestry
  • Marina Horta
    Know-how: Water, Water Resources Management
  • Maria Reinoso
    Jefe de Proyecto - T├ęcnico de I+D+i. (SOCAMEX), Urbaser
    Know-how: Other
  • Paul Jacob
    Research Associate, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)
    Know-how: Other
  • Arjen Hoekstra
    Professor water management, University of Twente
    Know-how: Policy, Research, Environment, Hydrology, Governance & Planning
  • Water Network Research
    AquaSPE AG
    Know-how: Research, TallyFox
  • Tamara Goerge
    Sr Tech Assist, Footprints
    Know-how: GIS
  • Iliana Adamopoulou
    PhD candidate, National Technical University of Athens
    Know-how: Environment, Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development, Quality & Environmental Management , Project Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Neda Farzam
    Research Assistant, University of Helsinki
    Know-how: Other
  • Nripendra Sarma
    PHED, Government of Assam, India
    Know-how: Wetlands
  • Stojan Hornick
    Know-how: Conservation, Irrigation, Heath & Safety
  • Jingyi Chen
    Student, UNESCO-IHE
    Know-how: Hydroinformatics, Water Resources Management
  • Kari Vigerstol
    The Nature Conservancy
    Know-how: Agriculture, Environment, Water Supply, Hydrology, Natural Resources Conservation, Governance & Planning
  • Sachin Tiwale
    UNESCO-IHE Institute of Water Education
    Know-how: Water Governance, Sector Reform, Integrated Watershed Management
  • Heather Lambert
    Know-how: Treatment, Purification, Technology, Geology
  • Md. Naziruzzaman Shyamal
    Programme Adviser, Water Operators Partnership, DWASA-VEI, Vitens Evides International, the Netherlands
    Know-how: Disease, Civil Engineering, Pipeline, Treatment Plants, Environmental Compliance, Climate Change
    Know-how: Other, Chemicals, Green Technology, Energy, Government, Water
  • Avijit Mitra
    Regional Sales Manager - South Asia, Ecolab
    Know-how: Chemical Treatment, Reverse Osmosis, Cooling Systems, Cooling Systems, Treatment Chemicals, Environmental Systems
  • Lesley-Anne van Wyk
    Know-how: Food Security
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