Water Stewardship

Members of Water Stewardship

  • farooq janjua
    Know-how: Treatment, Purification, Policy, Technology, Environment, Water Supply
  • Sameer Dohare
    Director, Terraquaer Venture
    Know-how: Environmental Services
  • Ayman Halawa
    Know-how: Environment, Energy, Desalination, Industrial Effluent Treatment, Water Supply System
  • Stephanie Madison
    Know-how: Compliance, Pollution, Design & Construction, Environmental Health, Environment Evaluation, Regulatory
  • paritosh singh Chauhan
    Expert -Hydrogeology & RS/GIS, HMR Engineering Consultants
    Know-how: Other, Environmental Consulting, Scientific Research Services, Engineering & Services, Water & Energy Conservation
  • Stuart Orr
    Head Water Stewardship, WWF International
    Know-how: Basin Irrigation, Water Security , Freshwater, Corporate Relations, Stakeholder Engagement, Water Resources
  • bob ted
    MD, Tech sourecs
    Know-how: Privatization, Value Chain Analysis, Water Rates
  • Charles Kelly
    Commercial Manager - Humes Water Solutions, Holcim Australia & New Zealand (Trading as Humes) Pty Ltd
    Know-how: Water Quality Training
  • Buddhi Wijesiri
    PhD Scholar/ Research Assistant, Queensland University of Technology
    Know-how: Environment, Pollution, Wetlands, Stormwater, Water
  • I Putu Gustave Suryantara Pariartha
    Lecturer, Udayana University Bali Indonesia
    Know-how: Hydraulic Engineering, Irrigation and Drainage, Urban Drainage System, Geographical Information Systems, Water Resources Management, Urban Water Supply
  • Yukun Ma
    Know-how: Stormwater
  • Yiwen Liu
    Advanced Water Management Centre, the University of Queensland
    Know-how: Solid Wastes & Wastewater Recycling
    Know-how: Sustainable Development
  • Ashantha Goonetilleke
    Professor Water/Environmental Management, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
    Know-how: Pollution, Stormwater, Environmental Impact Assessment, Integrated Watershed Management, Climate Change Adaptation, Sustainable Sanitation
  • Patrick Vowell
    Water Quality Engineer
    Know-how: Quality Maintenance, Potable, Technology, Project Management, Water Supply
  • Stan Bronson
    Executive Director, Florida Earth Foundation
    Know-how: Water Resources, Graduate Programs, Sustainable Water Resource Management, Water Education, Wetlands, Learning & Development
  • B.N. Deshpande
    Project Head , Presently working at Madhoor BuildWell Pvt.Ltd. Nasik
    Know-how: Creative Water Structures
  • Mi Nakamura
    Know-how: Technology, IT
  • Sofia B.
    Know-how: Water
  • Matt Retter
    Know-how: Hydrologist
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