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  • Introducing TallyFox Clusters

    14 Mar 2012 at 21:16
    Intelligent Collaboration in 60 seconds!

    You can now set up your own Intelligent Collaboration website in 60 seconds with the new Auto provisioning of TallyFox Clusters.

    Empower teams and un-tap knowledge as you work with TallyFox Clusters - custom domains to unleash the full potential of virtual teams.

    Clusters provide secure cloud hosted communities with integrated team workspaces including a collaboration toolset at the fingertips of all users. Each team member can select the tools best suited for their needs without extra costs, software downloads, or worry that others may not have access to compatible tools.

    Clusters live in Knowledge Network ecosystems that deliver intelligence to individual users, ...

  • Dr. David Lloyd Owen joins The Water Network Advisory Board

    20 Feb 2012 at 12:54
    ‘We are delighted to welcome Dr. Owen as an Advisor to The Water Network. As one of the leading global experts on water and waste water, David will be instrumental in helping us fulfill the mission of The Water Network’, says Stella Thomas, Chairman. Dr. Owen has over 20 years of experience in advising governments, corporations and investors on water related matters.

    Dr. Owen is also the new Manager of Water Finance Group where he will bring his unique insight into financing the building and maintenance of water sanitation and delivery infrastructures to group discussions.

    Currently, Dr. Owen is the founder and ...
  • The Water Network is Live!

    28 Sep 2011 at 21:15

    The Water Network has a vision to become the leading independent online community for global water professionals to collaborate and build sector intelligence.

    It is a neutral platform for multi-stakeholders to share content, best practices, policies, and technologies. The site accommodates both professionals and the public at large by providing dedicated areas for professional engagement and public education on general water issues.

    Largely self-governed by its members, the guiding principles are independance and neutrality. This means a social concept of cooperation that encourages diversity of content and views from reputable parties.

    The main elements include individual members, groups and EventFox and Cluster communities. Individual membership in the Network is ...

  • Global water survey 2012 announced

    22 Aug 2011 at 17:08

    Announcing the global water survey 2012!

    This survey, commissioned by the Water Innovations Foundation and conducted by TallyFox, is part of a series of executive surveys covering specific issues on Water. Our global water panel now comprises over 10,000 water professionals. Results of this survey will be largely donated to The Water Network community and made publically available.

    The focus of TallyFox surveys is to provide market intelligence gathered from leading professionals working in the sector themes of Networks powered by TallyFox. Respondants are selected from our proprietary panels of validated professionals and registered users of networks powered by TallyFox.

    We also conduct sponsored surveys where responses to specific client questions remain proprietary to each ...

  • Stella Thomas Joins The Water Network as Chairman

    15 Aug 2011 at 12:10
    We are delighted to announce that Stella Thomas has joined The Water Network as its Chairman effective August 2011. With over 15 years of non-profit, technology, policy and investment experience in the global water sector Ms. Thomas has the perfect balance of experience at an executive level for this role.

    Appointed by the Board of Directors of TallyFox Social Technologies AG, Ms Thomas will be instrumental in leading the development of The Water Network with the vision to become the leading independent online community for global water professionals to collaborate and build sector intelligence.

    The Water Network is a neutral platform for multi-stakeholders to ...
  • Groups launched on TallyFox

    30 Dec 2010 at 14:23

    TallyFox launched Groups today on all Networks powered by TallyFox. Our groups provide drop-box like document sharing plus best of class group and discussion functionality – conversations with content.

    Groups are complimentary for all registered Network members and can be set up in 60 seconds. TallyFox groups are designed to enhance engagement. In addition to enterprise grade privacy features TallyFox groups include the following advanced utilities:

    • Content library with document revision control

    • Group Who’s Who map

    • Tag cloud for easy identification of members by know-how

    • Sortable members profile listing

    • Social flow links

    • Threaded, searchable discussions

    TallyFox groups enable professional dialog with context and content.

  • Jordi Duran i Batidor joins TallyFox

    12 Dec 2010 at 06:45

    TallyFox is delighted to announce that Jordi Duran i Batidor has joined our team as Technical Advisor. Jordi is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about technology specialized in Internet, New Media and Social Networks. An early adopter of most technologies, Jordi provides TallyFox an important point of view on technology trends. He will review our infrastructure and technology plans and work with our technology and executive team to understand new challenges and opportunities for the company.

    Jordi supports Foundation ( A non-profit project to use ICT to help non-profit organitzaions to become more eficient and comunicate better with their stakeholders.

    The former CTO and co founder of ¡Olé his experience includes key positions at Cinet ...

  • EventFox online conference community launched

    29 Oct 2010 at 07:38

    TallyFox Social Technologies has launched EventFox online conference community that allows event attendees, speakers and sponsors to network effortlessly with the right people. EventFox can be established in advance of your event, and continues the networking long after the real world event has finished. Event managers can set up EventFox easily. Simply import your attendees, customise the template with your branding and send email invitations for attendees to join.

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