Why Is Water Critical for Ending Poverty?

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Ahead of World Water Day 2013, we asked two questions: 1. Why is Water critical to ending poverty?; and 2. What does successful Water look like?


LoR. Caarl Robinson
It should never be forgotten that historically and today, a nation's water supply is its most essential 'national security' natural resource. No other natural resource contributes to the viability of a nation's security, both domestically and internationally. With this in mind, industry, under current national security policies, will always be given priority over agriculture and potable needs. Sadly, history has also shown that this is the road to unintended social upheaval and eventual economic collapse. The old adage applies in all instances that "A nation grows and lives from its belly." This video clearly makes this point.
Melissa K.
Yes, the poor depends on natural resources which are becoming hard to get these days. Farmers are not having access to irrigation water where as industry can go on wasting water. Water is a supreme need and everyone should get..
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