Water Restrictions in South African Province


The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs has announced that it has started with water restrictions in some municipalities in the province

The department said the mandatory water interruption is due to dam levels reaching critically low levels. The iLembe District and eThekwini Metro are the regions most impacted by the water rationing.

"Water rationing is a level 4 water restriction measure - the highest. It has commenced at 30% restriction and depending on the dam levels, it will be incrementally moved to 50% restriction.

"Umgeni Water, which is the bulk supplier for iLembe and eThekwini is implementing a 30% reduction in potable water production at its Hazelmere Waterworks," the department said.

Before the onset of the drought, Umgeni Water was producing 40 million litres of drinking water at its Hazelmere Waterworks. The production has since been reduced to 28 million litres per day.

The potable water produced will be allocated to the three Water Services Authorities, including eThekwini, iLembe and Semcorp Siza Water on the following basis:

eThekwini Water and Sanitation will receive 9.8 Ml/d, prior to the proposed restrictions it received 14 Ml/d

Province on red-code

She warned the province is on the "red-code" in as far as water is concerned and drastic interventions are being undertaken to manage the drought crisis.

"We need to save every drop because as of now every drop of water counts. The effects of climate change are with us, as evidenced by the below average rainfall received during the summer season which has left a number of dams almost dry," said MEC Dube-Ncube.

MEC Dube-Ncube added that they have plans in place to ensure no resident goes without water when the taps begin to run dry.

As part of the province's plans, teams will be moving between affected areas to monitor water usage.

"Water efficiency and water use educational programmes must be rolled out intensively. We thank all those who have made lifestyle changes to reduce water consumption.

"We all need to play our part during this difficult period by adhering to the water restrictions. Households and businesses are encouraged to implement various measures which include the re-use of water," said MEC Dube-Ncube.

To check the Water Rationing for eThekwini Municipality, residents can log on at the municipality's website www.durban.gov.za, Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs www.kzncogta.gov.za or go to the department's facebook page.

Source: AllAfrica

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