Treatment System with 100% Water Recovery


Italian company Baioni Crushing Spa has introduced a water treatment system to purify and recover all water used during sand washing, quarrying and recycling operations

To recover 100 percent of the water used and eliminate the concentration of sludge, the system includes a full sludge treatment system that incorporates last generation thickeners, a polyelectrolyte dosing system, high-performance horizontal centrifuges, filter presses and pod systems.

Thickeners are steel tank demountable and include six rakes, a dinamic bridge with hydraulic system, gearbox and heavy-duty shaft and a rake assembly with full walkway access. Rakes concentrate the sludge into a discharging cone via low-speed rotation and rotate along tank floor to avoid clogging.

The water used for washing is reused rather than disposed of, reducing the amount of fresh water required to feed the washing plant by up to 80 percent, Baioni says.

Once the thickened sludge is extracted from discharge tank and sent through the centrifuge, excess water can be extracted using the BaiWash system and the BaiDec decanter, further reducing the amount of sludge.

Source: Environmental Leader

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