Toshiba Gets Seawater Desalination System Patent


The Patent Protects a Desalination System Using Reverse Osmosis Techniques Comprised of a Membrane Filtering Pump

A Couple of intriguing technologies for treating water for human consumption which were protected by other patents lately issued to Toshiba. U.S. Patent No. 8834715, which is titled Copper Recovery Apparatus and Copper Recovery Method, describes a method used in conjunction with a precipitation tank for the precipitation of copper hydroxide grains in water.

The method for treating water from industrial wastewater sources provides effective precipitation of copper for removal while reducing the amount of waste sludge created by the precipitation process. Better systems for the treatment of seawater are disclosed and protected by U.S. Patent No. 8834712, issued under the title Seawater Desalination System.

The patent protects a desalination system using reverse osmosis techniques comprised of a membrane filtering pump and a system for sending control signals to adjust the flow rate of the seawater.

The techniques have been developed to reduce the risk of dirt and microorganisms becoming suspended in pretreated water, which lowers the water quality.

Source: IPWatchdog

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