Tap geothermal energy for water desalination

Industry Tags: Desalination, Energy

An international firm credited with supporting the development of one of the world’s largest geothermal powered utilities has underlined the potential for harnessing the Sultanate’s geothermal resources for applications such as water desalination, district cooling and low pressure steam generation. RG Thermal Energy Solutions (RG-TES), a UAE-based firm focused on developing geothermal projects in the Middle East and Africa, outlined opportunities for the commercial exploitation of this largely untapped energy resource at a key conference held in the city recently.


While any geothermal resources in the Sultanate are essentially low-enthalpy (temperature) reservoirs, which make them unsuitable for power generation, these resources are ideal for a range of applications that currently depend on conventional energy, say RG-TES’s experts. According to the company, the Middle East is a “unique geothermal market”, endowed with far greater low-enthalpy resources than most people are aware of. 


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