TaKaDu Helped Unitywater to Reduce Water Losses


Queensland water utility Unitywater wanted to improve the operational visibility and efficiency of its supply network and reduce costs and water losses

Unitywater, which inherited multiple systems from six former councils when it was established in 2010, provides high-quality, safe and reliable water supply and sewerage services.

“Bringing six businesses to one and then looking at the networks, there were some big questions about how we consistently manage and monitor what goes on within our network,” infrastructure planning and capital delivery executive manager Simon Taylor says.

Unitywater opted to trial water network monitoring technology from TaKaDu.

The cloud-based solution enabled Unitywater to take control of its network by providing real-time knowledge and alerts about inefficiencies and water loss, in addition to other concerns about water distribution assets. The TaKaDu solution uses existing meter and sensor readings, advanced statistical algorithms and easy-to-use web application to detect, accurately identify and report network abnormalities, such as leaks, bursts and pressure problems.

“Odds are we would pick up a number of those things, but they were able to offer us that extra bit and extra speed,” Taylor says.

In June last year, Unitywater announced a three-year extension of the contract following the success of the TaKaDu trial.

“By bringing TaKaDu on board it has meant that we can narrow down the activities where we might have to go and search for something,” Taylor says.

“They can enable us to look at things which just don’t look right, maybe an operational oddity.”

PROBLEM: Needed to improve the operational visibility and efficiency of its supply network and reduce costs and water losses.

PROCESS: Cloud-based solution from water network monitoring technology company TaKaDu.

RESULT: Gained insights into operational efficiency and is used as part of Unitywater’s management strategy to improve efficiency of its water distribution assets, bringing greater value to its customers.

Source: The Australian

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