A Solar Dish That Makes Electricity And Fresh Water

Industry Tags: Desalination, Energy

It's not exactly a solar panel. It's more like a solar dish. And not only does it generate electricity, it makes water, too.

Researchers at companies and universities in Switzerland are developing a parabolic solar energy-capturing dish that they hope will be cheaper than current panels and be able to use some of the heat it captures, too: The heat goes into a desalination system that turns salt water into potable water.

Officially, the whole dish-desalinator complex is called the High Concentration PhotoVoltaic Thermal system. The Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation gave the developing team $2.4 million to make it. Researchers at IBM Zurich are currently testing a prototype, according to IBM. Researchers also plan to build prototypes in two other cities in Switzerland.

Read more: http://bit.ly/11Te7Vu


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