Pipe Bursting in Bulgaria


Water Supply and Sewerage-Pazardzhik is the First Water Sewerage Company in Bulgaria Using the Most Advanced Scandinavian Method of Pipe-bursting

Radio Focus – Pazardzhik sough manager of Water Supply and Sewerage Company in Pazardzhik Sergey Stoynov to tell us about the purchased new equipment and new technologies used by Water Supply and Sewerage - Pazardzhik - Pazardzhik 

FOCUS: Mr. Stoynov, Water Supply and Sewerage - Pazardzhik invested in new equipment and modern technology. What are your recent acquisitions?

Sergey Stoynov: Water Supply and Sewerage - Pazardzhik is the first company in Bulgaria, which had bought new equipment with most advanced Scandinavian method pipe-bursting, which is a trenchless method of replacing buried pipelines. With this new equipment Water Supply and Sewerage - Pazardzhik began to replace water mains, regardless of the diameter of the old and the desired diameter of the new pipe. Technology "pipe bursting" is trenchless technology for the rehabilitation and replacement of compromised waterworks. This technology is one of the most promising in the modern infrastructure construction. It is mainly used in large-scale reconstruction and repair of water supply networks. Main advantage of this method is that it does not require excavation of the existing road infrastructure, fences and courtyards of the houses and maintain normal life in the place where there is reconstruction. 

FOCUS: Do you already have implemented projects in the new technology?

Sergey Stoynov: Yes, we do. The first project implemented by using the new technology "pipe bursting" is in the village of Velichkovo. There is performed replacement of strongly amortized section of water main with a total length of 485 meters on the main street in the southeastern corner of the village. For the first two days were replaced 210 old, faulty water mains with new high-density polyethylene pipe. Innovative in this case is that this new method saved 80% of the excavations, about 210 cubic meters fraction at the amount of BGN 4,500, 14 tons of asphalt - BGN 2,000 value and the villagers were with new water main in less than two days. 

FOCUS: The company maintains one of the lowest prices for water supply in South Bulgaria, right?

Sergey Stoynov: The price of water in the three municipalities served by Water Supply and Sewerage - Pazardzhik, is one of the lowest in the region. The social affordability of the price of water is BGN 4,20, currently the price of water is BGN 0,85 VAT excluded. In the town of Pazardzhik and the town in Septemvri we charge channel tax, in other settlements in three municipalities - Pazardzhik, Septemvri, and Lesichovo there is no such fee. The price of water has not been changed since 2010. 

FOCUS: You take care for the good quality of drinking water in municipalities that serve?

Sergey Stoynov: The quality of drinking water in the town of Pazardzhik and Pazardzhik municipalities – Septemvri and Lesichovo meet all regulatory requirements. We have two laboratories that make microbiologic and chemical tests. This is done continuously, as three times a week cars with the relevant laboratory take samples of approved posts.

Source: Focus Information Agency

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