Panasonic’s New Water Purification Technology Runs on Solar Power

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Modern water purification methods exist that can easily get rid of water contaminants, even salt and bacteria, but some organic toxins and toxic metals, such as arsenic and hexavalent chromium need special processing [read: expensive and carbon-intensive] to be removed.

Water purification by reverse osmosis, filters, and chlorination does not affect these toxic metals or organic toxins, so another approach is needed. Fixed photocatalysts, that is, those are are affixed to a panel or even to a filter medium, can remove these toxins from contaminated water, but because of their orientation, they have limited contact with the contaminants, increasing the time it takes to purify water.

Panasonic has developed a new water purification photocatalyst that does not need to be fixed to a panel or filter, and runs on solar power, specifically the ultraviolet part of the spectrum. Panasonic actually uses the same catalyst that would be used on panels and filters, titanium dioxide, but in nanoparticle form combined with microparticle zeolite.

The titanium dioxide and zeolite particles quickly disperse and bond to one another when mixed with contaminated water. The titanium dioxide is activatedby ultraviolet rays from the sun, sequestering toxins in the zeolite matrix. Because the new photocatalyst is heavier than water, it eventually sinks to the bottom, taking the contaminants with it, leaving clean water to be skimmed off the top.

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Adam Michaels
This is untrue. There are methods of water filtration that will remove arsenic from the water, and more than one. For example, my reverse osmosis system will remove arsenic from the water as it consists of 6 stages, including a DI stage to remove whatever makes it past the reverse osmosis membrane. But having a water purification process that can run off of solar power is great, and hopefully they can design it to remove more than just arsenic and chromium.
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