No Fracking in Germany for Now Backed in Merkel Coalition


Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic bloc and the Social Democratic Party agreed to a temporary ban on exploring unconventional natural gas reserves in Germany until environmental issues are resolved.
Coalition negotiators decided that hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, using toxic chemicals can’t be done in Germany because the practice may threaten the quality of the country’s drinking water, Deputy Environment Minister Katherina Reiche and the SPD’s Ute Vogt told reporters today in Berlin.
“We have agreed on a moratorium on unconventional exploration that is to be in place until it’s clear that there are no health implications,” Vogt said after a meeting of the negotiating group that’s part of coalition talks between Merkel’s bloc and the SPD. The agreement requires approval by party leaders.

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Bhagya Rupasinghe
Like some industry proponents claim, fracking has a history that goes back over 60 years--but not in its current form. The first forays were meant to squeeze the last drops from existing traditional wells. It seems fracking uses 600 chemicals, which are toxic.
So I feel Germany is doing good job. well-done.
Heather Lambert
when Germany can do it, why cant others??
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