New Process Technology for the Treatment of Groundwater in Muttenz


Right at the end of 2012, WABAG Water Technology Ltd. (Switzerland) managed to capture two further orders in the field of innovative drinking water treatment in Switzerland. In future, the groundwater in Muttenz will be purified using a new plant design involving the first ever combination of advanced oxidation, adsorption and ultrafiltration. Moreover, in the municipality of Wahlen well water is to be treated by means of highly efficient ultrafiltration. The combined value of the two contracts amounts to around EUR 6 million.

Innovation for the municipality of Muttenz. In November 2012, WABAG received an order from Muttenz for a new drinking water treatment plant of unique design. This will employ a technological combination consisting of advanced oxidation, adsorption and membrane filtration in order to clean the local groundwater, which is generally subject to organic trace substances and occasionally impacted by Rhine filtrate.

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